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Five Qualities In A Managed It Service Company

5 traits to look for in a managed IT service provider

Nowadays, managed service providers (MSPs) are in high demand as technology has grown more sophisticated. MSPs can readily lend their expertise to your business for an affordable price. However, finding the best MSP for your company can be challenging, and choosing the wrong technology partner has the potential to set your operations back.

When looking for an MSP to hire, there are 5 traits you ought to look for to ensure a successful partnership.

A brief overview of the managed service provider (MSP)

Organizations staffed by information technology (IT) specialists, MSPs offer companies outsourced IT support and other services according to a service-level agreement (SLA).

MSPs are frequently used as a cost-effective option for maintaining companies’ information systems, as they give clients unprecedented access to expertise that blends IT and business—a capability that demystifies technological solutions and their roles in enhancing business operations.

When working with a managed IT service provider, your company can take advantage of services such as:

5 traits to look for in an MSP

While an MSP’s offerings may be the factors that entice you to want to work with them, it is crucial to examine the MSP holistically. It is important that you have a solid understanding of how they conduct themselves and what this means for your company. 

1. Experience

Before choosing an MSP, make sure you research their present and past clients to determine their performance in those partnerships. While testimonials on their website will be helpful, you should also look in public spaces, such as review websites (and, perhaps, social media), to get a more in-depth look at the MSP’s track record.

By understanding the amount of experience the MSP has (in relation to their industry along with working with companies like yours), you can gauge the quality of their services more accurately. This is vital when partnering with an MSP, as it will make you feel more confident knowing that you have chosen a reputable organization that will be able to support you and your team.

2. Expertise (a willingness to learn)

A trustworthy information technology specialist keeps themselves up to date on the latest changes and developments in the IT field, from the newest hardware and software updates to emerging cyber threats. As such, it is important to inquire about an MSP’s certifications to determine if they satisfy your organization’s requirements.

You should look for MSPs who are certified in technological solutions that you already use or are interested in procuring. For example, if are eager to improve your business efficiency with Microsoft, your search should concentrate on MSPs that are Microsoft-certified.

A managed IT service provider should not stick to the old ways of maintaining computer systems. If you feel that the MSP you are speaking with is not keeping up with the latest trends, it may be best to avoid them.

3. A strong cybersecurity mindset

Cyber-attacks and data breaches can occur at any time—a fact that an MSP always keeps in mind when safeguarding technological solutions. Apart from their cybersecurity service offerings, a managed IT service provider should also invest in their own cybersecurity infrastructure in order to better protect themselves and their customers’ data from security threats.   

All this to say, the MSP you work with should prioritize cyber safety and data integrity 24/7/365. They ought to be willing to share their knowledge and experience with you and your staff in order to help you stay ahead of the curve and create a solid cybersecurity culture within your company.  

4. Responsive to queries

As a business owner, any provider of outsourced IT support that you invest in should be readily available to you whenever you need assistance. Consequently, your MSP should be able to respond quickly to your inquiries, take them seriously, and offer solutions to problems. Not only that, but they should also proactively monitor your systems to identify any potential issues before they cripple your processes.

In these circumstances, responsiveness also works alongside transparency. An information technology specialist’s job is not to weigh your company down with jargon and ineffective technologies. Rather, every move they make should be in your organization’s best interests. If an MSP is slow at responding to you, does not offer satisfactory answers, or is misleading in any way, they do not deserve your business.

5. Methodical

Well-defined procedures make all the difference in business, no matter if they pertain to database administration, customer service, or cybersecurity. As such, when seeking outsourced IT support for your technological solutions, you must look for MSPs that carry out their work according to clear-cut processes.

These procedures should be based on the latest practices and result in positive outcomes for you and your IT systems. If an MSP does not carry itself professionally, or its practices are outdated and spontaneous, it may not be the best partner for your company.

Hire the right information technology specialist and grow your business’s operations

An MSP’s role is to provide expertise and support that will help your company make the most of its technological solutions. An MSP should be dedicated to helping you bolster your IT tools as well as supporting your data security efforts.

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