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The Benefits Of Azure Hybrid

Azure Hybrid Benefit: What it is and how it saves you money

Optimizing costs while making the most of information technology (IT) solutions is a challenge many small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) find themselves in. But with cost-efficient tools such as cloud technology solutions quickly becoming a part of their IT toolkits, SMBs can rest easy knowing there are ways to reduce their costs while streamlining their productivity.

Azure Hybrid Benefit (AHB) is one such solution that companies can turn to. With the money-saving capabilities of Microsoft Azure’s cost optimization tool, your business can take advantage of the cloud’s elasticity and power, without overexerting your company expenses.

What is Azure Hybrid Benefit?

AHB allows users to migrate their company’s on-site SQL Server and Windows Server licenses to Microsoft Azure, allowing you to use them within a cloud environment. These transfers also include any active Software Assurance programs your organization is already using, along with any subscriptions. The ultimate goal of AHB is to reduce costs associated with running virtual machines (VMs).

AHB’s creator company says that the cost optimization tool can help users make savings of up to 85% “compared to standard pay-as-you-go rates”. This means that, depending on usage habits, geographic locations, etc., companies can minimize the cost of their IT by using their cloud technology solutions more sustainably. Also, AHB allows businesses to use their on-site tools for 180 days during the migration process to make the transition to a cloud environment easier for everyone involved.

What licenses can use AHB?

The following licenses are eligible for Azure Hybrid Benefit as long as Software Assurance is active or you have an authorized subscription license:

SQL Server licenses
Windows Server licenses

It is important to note that the edition of SQL or Windows Server you have determines if you need Software Assurance or qualifying subscription licenses. This rule is standard across the different Azure regions.

How can AHB save companies money?

AHB’s pricing is affected by three things: The Azure region that is that your business is located in (or is closest to), the type of VM you have at your disposal, and your usage habits regarding Azure. According to Microsoft’s official AHB calculator page, running a Windows Server and SQL Server with AHB has the potential to reward you with 50% savings and 85% savings, respectively.   

By making sure that their pricing scheme is customizable according to your needs, Microsoft can help you minimize the cost of your cloud usage and operations. Specifically, AHB can help you save money in the following ways:

Can a Windows Server in Azure Dedicated Host use AHB?

In Azure Dedicated Host, Azure Hybrid Benefit for Windows Server is capable of being used in one of the following ways:

Does AHB benefit SQL Servers in Azure Dedicated Host?

You may use the same specifications when attaching AHB to Azure Dedicated Host as you would with a single VM. On top of this, organizations that leverage SQL Server Enterprise Edition (with Software Assurance active) alongside a host-level license for Azure Dedicated Host will be granted limitless virtualization capabilities. 

How can a Microsoft consultant help SMBs acquire Azure Hybrid Benefit?

In IT, cloud technology solutions that minimize the cost of a business’s operations are most effective when they are procured and implemented by cloud computing experts. In this case, a Microsoft consultant that specializes in Microsoft Azure and its role in business operations can help you make the most of AHB.

 With a Microsoft consultant, your business can benefit from:

Minimize the cost of cloud services with Skynet MTS

Azure Hybrid Benefit is a robust solution to reducing expenses regarding cloud technology solutions. With AHB, your business will have an easier time transitioning into a cloud-based work environment, allowing you to be more competitive and flexible in present and future markets.

The Microsoft Azure consultants at Skynet MTS are experts in all areas of AHB and SMB operations. Contact the team today to enhance your organization’s performance and data management with solutions that meet your needs every time.

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