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Improved Client Engagement Via Microsoft Forms

Better customer connection with Microsoft Forms

Understanding customers is key to success for many businesses. Almost 85% of companies see an increase in revenue when they focus on improving customer experience. There are many solutions to connecting with your customers, and one of the most powerful and easy-to-use tools is available to businesses with a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Microsoft Forms is a powerful yet simple-to-use application that helps businesses and organizations easily collect customer information to become a more data-driven and connected work environment. 

Microsoft Forms - what is it?

Surprisingly, Microsoft Forms is an easily accessed and simple to use application many people haven’t discovered. It allows you to collect all types of customer data by creating forms, surveys, quizzes, and questionnaires – all with a few clicks. 

People are always willing to share their opinions and personal data in return for better customer service. Forms allow you to create fillable forms quickly, collect responses in real-time, and visualize data using automatic charts. With the application, users can personalize forms by adding company logos and colors or fonts, as well add images or videos to their form content. 

Microsoft Forms enables you to easily connect with customers, collate information from customer profiles, and make use of the engagement data received. 

Benefits of using Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is an easy-to-use tool, allowing your business to create surveys, polls, or even application forms, and then publish them online with just a few clicks. The entire process is not only easier for you, but it’s also easier for your customers, as they can access the form and complete it on a computer, smartphone, or tablet. The data is captured automatically once the form is filled in, so customers don’t have to remember to email it back. 

In addition to publishing your Microsoft Form online, you can also embed it on your website or blog. This way, you can encourage people to fill it out and give you feedback on your products or services. With Microsoft Forms, you can create a quick and easy poll for your website or blog, or you can create a more in-depth survey that will help you better understand your audience. By collecting feedback from your website visitors, you can better tailor your products and services to meet their needs.

One of the biggest time-saving features is that you don’t have to compile all those form responses, they come directly to the Microsoft Forms interface. Just open a form and click the “Responses” tab to see them. You can take advantage of the insights that are provided by Microsoft Forms to better understand your customers’ needs and wants.

Connecting with customers through Microsoft Forms 

You can take advantage of the valuable insights that are provided by Microsoft Forms to better understand what people are looking for with your business. The type of data you collect will offer insights into your customers’ needs and wants, how they think, and how you’ll be able to change or offer your services better. 

The Forms app can be used for many different purposes:

  • Email marketing
  • Customer feedback on products and services
  • Tracking the customer journey
  • Surveys on specific interactions
  • Collecting data for market research
  • New product development.

While simple to use, Microsoft Forms allows you to create complex surveys with features such as Likert scales, branching support questions, and the ability to collect 50 thousand responses in each form.

Ensuring your customers can easily access your form is simple and can be done in different ways: 

  • Email the form directly to customers from Microsoft Forms 
  • Copy a link to send through text, messaging, or email
  • Download a QR code that can be sent to customers
  • Create an embed code that allows the form to be embedded on a webpage
  • Send the form via social media.

The first step is to collect customer data; the next is to make sense of the information. Reporting data is easy using Microsoft Forms, which easily integrates with Office 365 apps, to create charts r graphs in Excel. Forms can be inserted into PowerPoint slides so that users can include them in presentations to colleagues.

Power up your customer connection

Microsoft Forms is a powerful tool for gathering information, visualizing data, and gathering responses from customers, creating everything from simple surveys to complex web forms. If your business isn’t using Microsoft Forms, there are a host of benefits you could be missing out on. Talk to the Microsoft consulting experts at Skynet MTS today and power up your business advantage with customer data management solutions like Microsoft Forms.

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