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Microsoft Advisor'S Detailed Analysis Of Exchange Online

Exchange Online: A breakdown from a Microsoft consultant

Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) should have their work communications supported with comprehensive solutions developed with the latest technologies. In the email space, Microsoft Exchange Online is a robust business communication program that can help you and your team stay in touch with each other and clients.

While the platform may seem intimidating at first, Exchange Online is a user-friendly solution that is ready to use straight out of the gate when deployed by a Microsoft consultant. With Exchange Online as their primary email platform, SMBs can upgrade their communications, improve their response times to customers, and grow their influence in their niche.

What is Microsoft Exchange Online?

Microsoft Exchange Online gives you 24/7/365 access to your business email, contacts, and calendar. It is the cloud version of Microsoft Exchange Server—an on-premise solution. The cloud version of Exchange is accessible from any mobile device or desktop hardware with an Internet connection.

Exchange Online is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution, which means the program is hosted in external data centers rather than being installed on space-consuming hardware. Any updates the program requires are completed automatically, ensuring that your business is only using the most relevant and secure version of the platform.

Is Microsoft Exchange Online the same as Outlook? 

While they often crossover in their usage and capabilities, Exchange Online and Outlook are different solutions with different purposes. Exchange Online is an email server, and Outlook is an application used to access emails, calendars, and contacts.

If Microsoft Exchange Online is the battery, then Outlook is a device that is powered by the said battery. Both solutions can work independently from each other, but their true value lies when they are used together.  

How is Exchange Online available?

The Exchange Online plans offer SMBs varying degrees of access to the platform. Primarily, there are two plans organizations can choose from if they want the program on its own.

The other option is to subscribe to one of the Microsoft 365 plans (except for Microsoft 365 Apps for business, which does not include Exchange Online).

Specifically, the plans are as follows:

What features does Exchange Online have?

Email is a crucial type of business communication, and your server should contain features that allow you to manage the flow of information in a seamless manner. Exchange Online supports several features that help you communicate with your employees and partners, including:

A reliable email server is a must in today’s workplace. “Around 40 work emails are sent … each day”, and those messages contain important information that you cannot afford to lose. Exchange Online’s features enable you to manage your email flow, protect your data, and keep your operations moving and aligned with growing your business.

What are the business benefits of using Exchange Online?

Exchange Online prioritizes you and your team, making it easier for everyone to communicate and collaborate. There are several benefits the platform provides SMBs, each of which helps organizations become more profitable and influential regardless of the competition.

These benefits are:

Why SMBs should use a Microsoft consultant with Exchange Online

A Microsoft consultant is an IT expert certified in the nuances, sourcing, and deployment of Microsoft products. While there is no reason why you cannot use Exchange Online on your own, it can put you at a disadvantage if you need extra support or advice. A Microsoft consultant serves as the bridge between Microsoft and your business, making sure that solutions like Exchange Online are properly configured for the needs of your organization.

Empower your email channels with the assistance of a Microsoft consultant

Emails are a powerful solution to work communication and collaboration. They can help you maintain critical partnerships and carry information between essential parties. However, they can also be a source of headaches when things do not go according to plan—a pain point Microsoft Exchange Online helps you to avoid.

The Microsoft consultancy services at Skynet MTS are available for SMBs eager to re-energize their emails with a cost-efficient solution implemented and maintained by an experienced Microsoft consultant. From configuring spam filtering to planning a highly efficient communication system powered by Microsoft, talk to the Skynet MTS team today to set your business up for success.

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