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Enhancing Your Business With Managed Services

How managed services can enhance your business

Reliance on technology has increased significantly in the business world. The last two years have demonstrated just how heavily businesses are relying on technology to continue operating. With this reliance comes concerns about how to effectively manage IT environments for maximum performance and efficiency. 

From the earliest days of modern business technology, organizations used to outsource IT support to handle problems as they arose, using what is known as the break/fix model of IT support.

As business computing evolved, IT leaders and service providers began focusing on more preventive and proactive measures. In addition to fixing broken items, service and support providers began seeking methods to avoid problems and enhance the performance, reliability, and security of their clients’ IT environments. Today, managed service providers (MSPs) offer a wide range of services and act as an organization’s IT department, regardless of what the IT needs may be. 

What are managed services?

Managed service providers essentially outsource their critical IT teams and services to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure, networks, cloud environments, and security. But their expertise and services don’t stop there. The managed part of MSPs means this is an ongoing arrangement, for as long as a business needs support in that domain. 

MSPs are experienced and have specialized skills and expertise in certain areas, such as network security, data management, or cloud services. Depending on the specific area of need, a MPS can monitor your network for security, fix and troubleshoot devices and optimize infrastructure

How managed services can enhance your business

Proactive service and regular maintenance help your organization identify and address technical problems before they negatively impact your enterprise. Ongoing and expert proactive services allow your business to function smoothly and efficiently. 


By choosing the right MSP, you can save money on your IT needs over time by keeping your systems up to date, reducing hardware costs, maintaining high levels of security, and providing expert knowledge all for a predictable monthly fee. Many businesses find hiring IT teams with specialized knowledge and skills out of their budget, so having the option to outsource to experts can make all the difference and ensure you see a ROI in your IT infrastructure. 

Centralized overview

A MSP who is taking care of the monitoring and system management of your business has a complete overview of security and systems use. This allows you to rest assured your network and business data are being kept safe and that your IT systems are as current as possible. This allows your business to take advantage of enterprise-level services at an affordable price. 

Enhanced business performance

Technology improvements in network security and MSPs’ proactive approach to addressing potential risks have led to significant productivity boosts and minimized downtime. Because of these developments, your business is much less likely to experience system failures and shutdowns that might impede company operations and growth. By minimizing technology-related frustrations, your teams can focus on their work and accomplish new heights of productivity. 

Improved security posture

Despite being a widespread belief, outsourcing your IT needs to a third party does not increase your data security risk profile. Instead, you can be assured that a MSP’s security and data management regulations are rigorous and include robust backup and recovery systems, making them much more capable of protecting your data than an in-house IT team. 24/7 network monitoring also ensures that any potential threats are addressed early on, which reduces the chances of system failures, data breaches, and cybersecurity attacks that can have severe and long term consequences for your business. 

Services and support for you

In the long run, your MSP will become intimately familiar with your company and IT infrastructure, providing excellent service and assisting you when you need it most. With expert help, your MSP can free up your in-house IT staff from tasks that may demand too much of their time and resources, such as cloud infrastructure management or the adoption of cutting-edge technologies outside their knowledge scope.

Choosing the right MSP for your business

Considering a MSP for your business is an excellent move but it’s important to make the right choice:

  • The MSP should be knowledgeable about the specific demands of your industry, which may be subject to various trends and market demands, and the technology that supports that. 
  • Ask your prospective MSP about their remote monitoring services and how quickly they will be able to assist you in times of need. For example, Skynet MTS strives to exceed our clients’ expectations and provides around-the-clock, year-round service with quick response times and 100% guaranteed uptime. 
  • Avoid MSPs that are focused on increasingly obsolete technologies and have experience in managing change and have experience with diverse technology to support your business success and growth. 
  • To ensure that you are getting the best service, you should ensure that your MSP has the right certifications to work with the most widely used software in your industry and be able to ensure your business meets security and compliance requirements.  
  • Your MSP’s contract options, whether monthly or yearly, should take your financial concerns into account to maximize your return on investment.
  • A service-level agreement should be put in place to ensure compliance and establish expectations right away.
  • A MSP should have the capability to manage diverse areas of technology, including security, cloud computing, and data backup and disaster recovery.

Partner with the experts

Finally, your MSP should feel like a partner who is invested in your business’s vision and looks at ways to enhance your business now, to enable growth and success in the future. For tailored managed services and excellent customer service, speak to the team of managed services experts at Skynet MTS today and ensure your business thrives.

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