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Deciding Between MS Teams Premium And Standard

MS Teams Premium vs. Standard: Which should you choose?

The key to successful collaboration is the right technological tools. Microsoft Teams (or just Teams) has rapidly become one of the most popular work collaboration platforms for companies across the globe. With its ability to keep team members connected and engaged in their work, it is no surprise that the platform’s received an upgrade.

Now with two different versions of Teams—Standard and Premium—collaboration in the workplace has never been easier. But which one is right for your team? In order to determine the answer to that question, you must be aware of what both versions offer and how they can be used to support your operations and team collaboration efforts.

An overview of MS Teams 

Microsoft Teams is a business collaboration and communication platform from Microsoft. It provides a centralized work environment for teams to share documents and files, communicate with each other, and keep track of formal and informal correspondences. 

With Microsoft Teams, your team can stay organized and on track with project tasks and deadlines by ensuring that everyone is reachable across various mediums, from messages to phone calls.

Outside of individual plans, Microsoft Teams is available in the Microsoft Office 365 (M365 or Microsoft 365) suite. It easily integrates with the suite’s programs, making workstations and software tools more cohesive and user-friendly.

Teams’ basic features include:

What is Microsoft Teams Premium?

Teams Premium is a paid plan that leverages the current Teams framework to help organizations communicate and collaborate effectively. It provides expanded features designed to make the platform more personable for your business.

Apart from the regular features above, Teams Premium gives you access to:

  • Live translations: Artificial intelligence that translates verbal communications in real time.
  • Advanced meeting protection: Allows you to set recording restrictions, watermark meetings, and more to add additional security layers to your critical work meetings.
  • Meeting guides: Preconfigured guides that apply certain conditions to meetings depending on the meeting type.
  • Advanced webinars: Offers new features and tools (waitlists, virtual green rooms, etc.) to create more fulfilling events that are easier to manage.
  • Intelligent recap: AI that provides you with more relevant information and insights from meetings, making sure you do not miss anything. 
  • And more.

Like with all MS Teams (and M365) plans, Premium follows a per-user/per-month payment method, guaranteeing that your team has access to the features you need while not overexerting your company’s budget.

What is Microsoft Teams Standard?

Simply put, Teams Standard is the free version of MS Teams. It includes Teams’ regular features and Microsoft’s typical collaborative software offerings—cloud storage, data encryption, etc. 

Specifically, with Teams Standard, your business can have access to:

How to choose between Premium and Standard

When it comes to choosing between Microsoft Premium and Standard, there are a few things to consider. Premium includes advanced features—mainly certain security and collaboration tools—that are not present within Teams’ Standard version. 

While this is not necessarily a dealbreaker, it can bar your organization from the tools it needs to scale quickly in today’s market. If you are looking for advanced security and data functionality for your business, then Microsoft Premium may be the way to go.

However, if you are looking for a simple way to manage office tasks, then Standard might be the better choice. It is more budget-friendly and can still grant you access to the foundational tools and functions that Premium was built upon. Ultimately, like when making any technological investment, your decision will come down to your company’s needs and resources.

Your considerations should cover:

How Microsoft Teams consulting can help your business choose the right plan

Microsoft Teams consulting is a service offered by Teams experts to organizations who are struggling with Microsoft’s collaboration platform, or who are eager to take advantage of its capabilities. It is a way for your business to get the guidance it needs to become a more collaborative environment powered by Microsoft-developed technology.

In regards to implementing Teams Premium or Standard, a Teams consultant can support your company and people by:

Enhance your work collaboration with Microsoft Teams consulting

While it can be easy to dismiss Teams as a simple collaborative platform, it has a lot to offer your business. With their customizable features and ability to be tailored to your team’s work requirements and workflow, both Standard and Premium are great options for businesses that are serious about their people and their collaboration initiatives.

The Microsoft Teams consulting at Skynet MTS is a cost-effective service that can advise you on all aspects of Teams. Skynet’s Teams specialists can guide your organization through its journey to attaining the tools that will drive efficiency and boost work collaboration and communication. 

Are you ready for a collaborative future? Contact Skynet MTS today. 

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