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Introducing Our IT Services

SkyNet Managed Technology Services is a trail-blazing MSP that delivers high-caliber managed IT services and IT support to businesses operating in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona.

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Managed IT Services

Your business is only as strong as your IT infrastructure.
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Managed Security Services

Minimize digital risk and protect your virtual business.
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Cloud Managed Services

Carve out your own space in the cloud for data and apps.
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Wireless Solutions

Establish the right safety net and cut the cord for good.
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Surveillance and Installation

See what’s possible when you put pros on the lookout.
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PBX and VoIP Services

Pick up the best telephone services money can buy.
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Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data might be your most valuable possession.
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Run Your Business While SkyNet Manages IT

Scale Your Business with Powerful IT Support

You don’t need servers and office space to need technology management services. In fact, in a modern business environment, your technical infrastructure could be the difference between success and failure. Essential IT services are now within reach for most small and medium-sized businesses, and smart executives understand the value of reliable IT support.

Take control of the future by removing obstacles impeding your success. Trust in a team of devoted, trusted technology consultants. SkyNet Managed Technology Services is run by business-minded professionals who can simplify complex business IT decisions and solve problems on the spot. Our experts will empower you to use technology to take on today’s toughest business challenges, and we’ll stop at nothing to help you achieve your goals. Let’s get started today.

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High-Level IT Support within Reach

You don’t have to own an enterprise company and have a huge budget to benefit from top-tier IT services and quality IT solutions.

Why SkyNet Managed Technology Services?

  • Protect Your Business
    Invest in an IT infrastructure that tightens up cybersecurity and workflows.
  • Prepare for the Future
    Manage and mitigate digital risk with a team of IT experts on your side.
  • Maintain Client Trust
    We’ll protect your sensitive data while you protect your coveted reputation.
  • Drive Productivity
    Eliminate downtime, streamline processes and monitor user activity.

IT Support from Industry Insiders

At SkyNet, we know technology. We also understand precisely how IT fits into your industry’s current landscape. Let us set you up with customized IT services that will empower your organization to reach a new level of security, stability and success. 
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Financial Services

Let us keep account of all things tech.
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Small Business

You don’t need an entire IT department.
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Manufacturing and Construction

Build smarter with the right technology.

Reach New Heights with a Powerful MSP.

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