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Secure Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data could be your organization’s most valuable asset, and you’ve got to do everything you can to protect it. When hackers are out to steal, leak or lock your data, you need to be proactive. To ensure your IT infrastructure can survive the next natural disaster, electrical fire, pandemic or other unexpected business disruption, you must establish firm data backup and recovery protocols — and working with technology consultants you can trust is the first step.

With data backup and recovery services from SkyNet Managed Technology Services, you won’t have to navigate this risky tech terrain alone. We’ll take stock of your current backup system and develop a custom plan that will leave your business better off should disaster strike. From affordable on-site and remote backups to quality business continuity plans and comprehensive IT solutions, SkyNet is prepared to secure and protect your data.

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At SkyNet, we know technology. We also understand precisely how IT fits into your industry’s current landscape. Let us set you up with customized IT services that will empower your organization to reach a new level of security, stability and success.

Financial Services

Let us keep account of all things tech.

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You don’t need an entire IT department.

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Build smarter with the right technology.


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    A crisis will be less stressful with the SkyNet team by your side.

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