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Managed Security Services

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Managed IT Services

Your business is only as strong as your IT infrastructure.


Cloud Managed Services

Carve out your own space in the cloud for data and apps.


Wireless Solutions

Establish the right safety net and cut the cord for good.


Surveillance and Installation

See what’s possible when you put pros on the lookout.


PBX and VoIP Services

Pick up the best telephone services money can buy.


Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data might be your most valuable possession.


Raise the bar with the right managed service provider.

Proactive Managed Security Services

If you’re running a business, you’ve got no choice but to make big, bold decisions about cybersecurity. That means having a working knowledge of everything from viruses, ransomware and firewalls to encryption methods and password tips. Without the proper managed security services in place, you run the risk of getting hit with a cyberattack that could cost you a lot of money and your reputation.

With cybersecurity services from SkyNet, you won’t have to worry about IT anymore.

You don’t need an entire IT department to get the job done, but you do need an expert in your corner 24/7. That’s where SkyNet Managed Technology Services comes in.  Add a sophisticated layer of protection to your armor by partnering with an innovative MSP for top-tier IT solutions. We have a team of pros who possess in-depth knowledge about cybersecurity and will ensure your business is secure. Our essential managed security services allow you to devote more time and energy to improving daily operations and driving revenue. Stop worrying about tech, and get a free cybersecurity assessment today.

SkyNet: We’ll Take Charge of Cybersecurity While You Run Your Business


Get IT Support from Industry Insiders

At SkyNet, we know technology. We also understand precisely how IT fits into your industry’s current landscape. Let us set you up with customized IT services that will empower your organization to reach a new level of security, stability and success.

Financial Services

Let us keep account of all things tech.

Small Business

You don’t need an entire IT department.

Manufacturing and Construction

Build smarter with the right technology.


Fly High with SkyNet

Enjoy the Perks of Managed
Security Services

  • Nonstop Network Monitoring
    Hackers don’t take breaks, so neither do we.
  • Sophisticated Cybersecurity
    Confront cybercrimes with a multi-layered approach.
  • Advanced IT Support
    We have extensive knowledge of industry standards.
  • Security Awareness Training
    Eliminate human error – a top cause of data breaches.

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