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Why SkyNet

What is it About SkyNet Managed Technology Services?

At SkyNet, we pride ourselves on providing top-tier IT support and managed IT services while staying out of your way. We cater to small to medium-sized businesses in Columbus, Ohio and Phoenix, Arizona. Our team delivers specialized IT services designed to make your business more secure, profitable and efficient without breaking the bank. You don’t need to own expensive servers and hardware to benefit from our straightforward plans. Continue building out your brand and let SkyNet take care of IT.

Our Consultative Approach
You don’t have to be a huge corporation to need technology management.
A Boardroom Mindset
We want your business to be better off because of SkyNet.
Customized Offerings
We take ownership of your IT problems and craft tailored IT solutions.
Zero Outsourcing
You will have our undivided attention.
Expert IT Support
SkyNet team members will move mountains to help you reach your goals.
AT&T Partnership
As an AT&T-certified Platinum Solutions Provider, we’re ready to hook you up.

Curious About SkyNet Managed Technology Services? Experience IT for Yourself.

The SkyNet team is stacked with experts who are prepared to handle all things IT. We have dedicated our careers to designing and delivering practical managed IT services that take tech stress off the table. We approach your business challenges from your perspective and offer a fleet of essential services that help you handle whatever crisis comes your way.

Nothing makes us happier than helping our clients adapt and thrive in today’s high-tech business world. Contact us today to learn more about SkyNet Managed Technology Services — and start dominating your market.

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Streamline Processes with SkyNet

Managed IT Services

Your business is only as strong as your IT infrastructure.

Managed Security Services

Minimize digital risk and protect your virtual business.

Cloud Managed Services

Carve out your own space in the cloud for data and apps.

Wireless Solutions

Establish the right safety net and cut the cord for good.

Surveillance and Installation

See what’s possible when you put pros on the lookout.

PBX and VoIP Services

Pick up the best telephone services money can buy.

Data Backup and Recovery Services

Data might be your most valuable possession.


The Sky’s the Limit

Get IT Support from Industry Insiders

At SkyNet, we know technology and understand precisely how IT fits into your industry. Usher in a new wave of security, stability and success for your brand with customized IT services.

Financial Services

Let us keep account of all things tech.

Small Business

You don’t need an entire IT department.

Manufacturing and Construction

Build smarter with the right technology.

Rave Reviews

“Having a very responsive IT group has been wonderful, but having an IT group that will pick up the phone, come onsite quickly and actually accomplish projects in their stated time frame has made the switch to SkyNet well worth it.”

Dennis | Manufacturing | Phoenix, Arizona

“SkyNet has gone above and beyond, time and time again, to make sure our technology is secure. We were recently subjected to a third-party audit, and we were told they’d never had a score as high as ours. Thanks, SkyNet!”

Phillip | Insurance | Columbus, Ohio

“SkyNet has enabled me to grow my business across multiple territories and states. Our technology is so simple and efficient; I can open a new territory in less than two weeks. Awesome job!” 

Michael | Real Estate | Denver, Colorado; Columbus, Ohio; Cleveland, Ohio; Jacksonville, Florida; Dallas, Texas; Minneapolis, Minnesota

“Our newest employee said she couldn’t believe everything was ready for her on her first day of work. She said that at every other job she’s had, technology always felt like an afterthought; it was never done right the first time.” 

Marcus | Digital Media | Phoenix, Arizona

“Your services include items I’m not sure our previous provider had even heard of. Seeing how those services have benefitted our company and experiencing your team’s willingness to help has made for a great relationship. I will happily recommend SkyNet to anyone.”

Laurie | Financial Services | Columbus, Ohio

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