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Benefits Of Microsoft 365 For Your Business

How Microsoft 365 benefits your business

As your business grows, your company must incorporate the latest digital tools and solutions to create a more productive workplace built upon collaboration, streamlined procedures, and enthusiastic team members. 

Microsoft 365 (M365 or Microsoft Office 365) is a service comprised of productivity and project management applications that can smooth out any wrinkles in your business’s current processes and enhance efficiency.o.

An explanation of Microsoft 365

Microsoft Office 365’s productivity tools can be used to create and collaborate on projects, manage tasks and resources, and stay connected with customers. It is cloud-based and requires an Internet connection for full access. 

Each application can be used to complete different tasks based on your needs and preferences.

These solutions are:

  • Outlook: An email server.
  • Teams: A communication platform utilizing text-based messaging, audio calls, video conferencing, and file sharing.
  • Word: A writing program used for the creation and publication of documents. 
  • Excel: A spreadsheet program suitable for storing information and other sensitive data.
  • PowerPoint: A program used for creating, editing, and showcasing presentations.
  • Microsoft Forms: Source and collates information from surveys, polls, etc. 
  • And others.

M365 applications can be used on Windows and Apple hardware. Convenience is at the heart of the suite, and once implemented into your business, you and your employees gain a slew of benefits, including office efficiency and cost-saving processes.

Does Microsoft 365 follow a one-size-fits-all model?

Microsoft Office 365 is offered in a range of monthly subscription plans. Whether your business just went live or you own a company with international reach, Microsoft allows customers to move between different plans based on their budget and needs.

The business plans consist of the following:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic
  • Microsoft 365 Apps for business
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard
  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium

Some subscriptions boast innovative features for boosting an enterprise’s mobility security and overall operations. These are:

  • Microsoft 365 E3
  • Microsoft 365 E5
  • Microsoft 365 F3

Companies can also choose the individual solutions they need for a more customized experience. No one knows your business better than you, and M365’s productivity and collaboration tools can offer your company more than enough support to drive you to your goals.

Benefits of using Microsoft 365 for your business

You run a busy company, from in-house team meetings to dealing with time-consuming, high-priority projects. It can be easy to feel like nothing is getting done or procedures are not working as they should. 

You need software that keeps everyone connected and engaged with their work. Microsoft 365’s suite is specifically developed for this purpose.

From the time you open a program and create a new document, your business benefits from:

Efficient collaboration

M365 provides a single space for document and file creation and distribution. Regardless if your project uses Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or OneNote, Microsoft Office 365 integrates with your company’s entire network while offering co-authoring functions. 

This feature lets your workforce collaborate on projects with no limits to the number of people who can view and edit a document. These edits are saved automatically to ensure that all parties can see the latest version of a project.

Real-time communication

Microsoft 365 allows you to communicate with co-workers, clients, and stakeholders in various capacities. For example, Microsoft Teams’ chat function and video calls can keep you and your colleagues connected daily. Microsoft Outlook’s emails can be used for more formal correspondences, like following up with prospective customers.

M365 consolidates your work environment into a central platform for more effective communication and project management. No matter your business’s operational model, you and your staff can complete work and stay in touch.

Up-to-date cybersecurity

Cybercrime is expected to cost the world $10.5 trillion by 2025. Not only can these disasters ruin all the work you have put into your organization, but they also make you less reputable in clients’ eyes if you did not adequately protect your business and its information. 

Your business needs to be protected with the best cybersecurity solutions. Thankfully, those policies and programs are built into Microsoft 365.

M365’s cybersecurity solutions exist within several areas:

  • Threat protection: Solutions that proactively monitor your network for threats.
  • Identity and access management: Leverages access control and policies surrounding user authentication.
  • Security and risk management: Analyzes a business and identifies weak points in its framework.
  • Information protection: Manages the distribution and flow of data within a network.

By utilizing a comprehensive approach to your business’s cyber safety, Microsoft 365 ensures that your IT environment is protected from external and internal threats.

Capitalize cloud computing

Companies can save all their sensitive documents, information, and data into the M365 platform, reducing the need to rely on or implement additional on-site hardware.

It can also be an asset for your business’s disaster recovery strategy as your data is stored independently from your systems. No matter if you experience a break-in or a natural disaster ruins your network, your company’s information is not lost.

Make your business competitive with M365

Microsoft 365 reinvigorates the daily tasks of your business, making them faster to complete. When you and your employees can quickly tick off your to-do lists, your company becomes more efficient and produces more revenue. 

The Microsoft 365 experts at SkyNet are specialists in driving business growth through digital technologies. With their expertise and the benefits of managed IT services, your company can streamline operations, enhance employee engagement, and boost organizational efficiency.

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