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Utilize Zero-Touch Deployment In Your Company

Zero-touch deployment: Why your business must use it

Today’s businesses are under constant pressure to deliver new experiences that keep their employees motivated for their work. In order to accomplish this, companies have been turning to the technology space for solutions that promise streamlined processes and convenience. 

With zero-touch deployment (ZTD), your business will adopt automatic device configuration—a necessary practice that will allow you and your team members to hit the ground running no matter what challenges you face.

An overview of zero-touch deployment  

ZTD leverages mobile device management (MDM). With it, a new mobile device can be configured and deployed within your business straightaway, eliminating the need for the device to be manually set up by IT staff. In a ZTD set-up model, end users’ devices and their applications are automatically set to follow the policies outlined by the organization. 

By using a ZTD approach for managing devices and incorporating new ones into your business’s IT network, your employees can begin their work immediately with an authorized device that satisfies the regulations of your company.

How can organizations acquire ZTD?

Adopting a ZTD model primarily consists of companies subscribing to one of several platforms that support fast deployment modes. This can include the following:

Apple Business Manager 

Apple Business Manager is Apple’s platform for ZTD. With this tool, businesses can deploy new Apple devices and share data and applications. This means that companies can quickly and easily launch new business technologies from a portal, without having to worry about compatibility issues. 

Android zero-touch enrollment

The Android zero-touch enrollment model allows companies to launch large numbers of devices with minimum effort. With this method, Android devices are configured online and then sent to employees, who can then use them virtually right away. Android zero-touch enrollment is a streamlined procedure for enterprise management. 

Windows Autopilot

Windows Autopilot is a suite of Microsoft Windows solutions that simplify and automate the setting up and configuration of new Windows 11 and 10 devices for businesses. Windows Autopilot leverages the MDM capabilities of programs like Microsoft Intune—and can be used with Azure Active Directory (also known as Azure AD)—to manage Windows devices from their installation to retirement. 

Device configuration within this platform is maintained by Windows Autopilot deployment profiles accessible through Endpoint Manager’s admin center.

Why should businesses use ZTD?

By 2025, it is expected that 36.2 million Americans will work remotely. Your company’s products and services must cater to hybrid and remote working arrangements. ZTD  offers a comprehensive solution that satisfies the needs and expectations held by you and your team.

By using zero-touch deployment to deploy new, business-approved tools, your business can benefit from:

How to implement ZTD in your business

As ZTD is not a practice that can be exclusively carried out on its own, implementing it within an organization requires researching and choosing a platform that supports it. 

To do this effectively, you need to:

By following these tips, business owners can make an informed decision and find the right ZTD platform that will streamline device configuration for bolstered staff productivity.

Support your end users with ZTD management services

As businesses are increasingly turning to remote work, the need for zero-touch deployment is increasing as well. Device configuration can be time-consuming and tedious if it can only be done through manual work—a handicap that can slow your business’s progress down.

Skynet MTS’s cybersecurity experts specialize in a range of security areas, including ZTD. Talk to the team today for services that can implement ZTD into your business, ensure its proper configuration, and maintain it with cost-effective, ongoing support.   

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